HU Shanghai Alumni Association was established

The Hiroshima University Shanghai Alumni Association was established on December 27, 2009 (Sun) as a branch of the “Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting”.

In spite of there already being an overseas branch of the Hiroshima University Alumni Association (The Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting) in China, this time, the “Hiroshima University Shanghai Alumni Association” has been established in response to the growing momentum for the establishment of such an alumni association for the HU alumni living in Shanghai or other persons affiliated to HU.

With the goal of contributing to friendship among members and the development of the alma mater, the alumni based in Shanghai are also expected to consolidate the international community of HU.

Upon the establishment of the Alumni Association, Prof. Min XU who is a founder of the alumni association (a graduate of HU) was appointed as Chairperson.

The Chairperson, etc. are as follows:

○ Shanghai Alumni Association Chairperson: Min XU (Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

※ HU Graduate School of Engineering, Ph.D. (1991)

○ Shanghai Alumni Association Vice-Chairperson: XIA Guangxing (Professor, Shanghai Normal University)

○ Shanghai Alumni Association Secretary General: Qiao Yi’an (International Exchange Division, Shanghai Normal University)

※Office: International Student’s Room, Shanghai Normal University


◆The Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting (Beijing) Chairperson: Lin Zuoping

(Deputy Secretary-General, China Education Association for International Exchange, the board member of the China-Japan Friendship Association)

◆Overseas branches: The Hiroshima University-Korea Alumni Association(Established in 2002), The Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting (Established in 2005), The Hiroshima University-Taiwan Friendship Meeting(Established in 2009)