HU Beijing Alumni Association was established

The “Hiroshima University-Beijing Alumni Association Inaugural Meeting” was held at the Capital Normal University on Thursday in Beijing October 14, 2010 with about 40 international students and connected persons with the Hiroshima University in attendance. The Beijing Alumni Association was established as a branch of the Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting.”

The chairperson, Mr. Lin Zuoping (Chairperson of the HU China Friendship Meeting and Deputy Secretary-General of China Education Association for International Exchange) was appointed at the meeting. Indeed, the opening speech addressed exchange between members of the alumni in Beijing but also strengthening of the internal network within China and the desire for the Association to act as a bridge between the various networks and Hiroshima University. This was carried on by the HU Fraternal Meeting where in the midst of great excitement surrounding the chairperson and the president, active exchanges took place.