HU holds Round-Table Talk on Overseas Studies

On June 28, 2012 (Thu) from 18:00 to 19:40, at the Hiroshima University Higashi-Hiroshima Campus HU held the event: “Round-Table Talk on Overseas Studies – Let’s talk with persons with foreign study experiences”. There were about 30 participants, mostly students who intended to apply for our foreign exchange program HUSA/USAC or who were interested in overseas studies in general.

Among those with experience were 5 students who studied abroad previously with the HUSA/USAC program (2 of them to Canada and 1 to America, Finland and China). The participants of the round-table talk sat down at each country’s table and discussed overseas studies.

The students interested in overseas studies had a lot of questions, from the preparations for application to concrete issues of daily life:

“What’s the merit of studying abroad?”, “Which country or university should I choose?”, “What is the best way to study foreign languages?”, “Dormitory or home stay?” or “How did you become friends with local students?” etc. The students who studied overseas answered each question politely, thinking back on their own experiences.

The participants remarked as follows:” We had the chance to listen to other students’ views and experience of overseas study, and we could imagine what it would be like to study abroad.” “Now I know the financial costs of overseas study; its merits and demerits.” “I’m more motivated now, because now I know better how much time and effort I need for preparations and what I have to arrange for it.” For the aspirants, this round-table talk was very helpful to see the next step to take.

*The above pictures show the students during the round-table talk.

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