Hiroshima University holds Summer Program for Japanese Language and Culture (Brazil)

This year, a Summer Program for Japanese Language and Culture was held from July 25 through August 7 at Hiroshima University. 15 students (headed by Professor Masato Ninomiya, University of Sao Paulo Law School) participated from the University of Sao Paulo, one of our academic exchange agreement partners.

In April 2009, Hiroshima University established the Hiroshima University Brazil Center in Sao Paulo to promote educational/academic exchange with Brazil. This training was implemented as part of its activities.

During the program, in addition to Japanese language, culture, and classes on the current state of Japan, students were also able to experience tea ceremony, calligraphy, interaction with Japanese students, and homestays in order to get to know Japanese families. Furthermore, students were able to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society by visiting Sakagura (sake breweries) and the Itsukushima Shrine, a World Heritage site on Miyajima Island.

Students participated in the Peace Memorial Ceremony in conjunction with visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum, and learned about the value of peace.

The participants were able to learn much about Japanese history, culture, society and language through the classes, field trips, and interaction with the Japanese people involved with the program. They were able to gain a good understanding of Japan, and in the future, we expect that they will form a bridge between Brazil and Japan.

Program Participants and Affiliates

Address by Professor Masato Ninomiya of University of Sao Paulo

Lecture at Hiroshima University

Japanese Cultural Experience (Calligraphy)


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