Orientation Meeting Held on the “Conversation Partner-Project”

At our university there are currently 1,006 international students from 62 countries (as of May 2012). The Hiroshima University International Center conducts a “Conversation Partner-Project” with the aim of promoting international exchange on campus and improving students’ intercultural understanding and language abilities in both Japanese and foreign languages.

After class hours on October 29th, the orientation meeting on the “Conversation Partner-Project” was held at the reception hall of the Faculty Club. 61 international students and 130 Japanese students, 191 students altogether, took part in the orientation meeting. Partners were selected to practice English, other native languages of the foreign students, and Japanese. There were about 2.3 times as many Japanese students as there were international students, and they were formed into 59 groups of 2-4 people each. The “new born partners” immediately began introducing themselves and having lively conversations.

Of course, study abroad is very important, but students can have international exchange on campus as well. We hope that with the help of conversation partners, students at our university can benefit from international and cultural exchange and intercultural experiences inside and outside the campus, grow into human resources with global vision and spread their wings around the world.

Students introducing themselves to one another

Lively conversation after the orientation


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