Pre-Application Orientation and Roundtable Discussion Held for HUSA/USAC Overseas Studies

On the evening of November 8, 2012 (Thu), in Student Plaza on the Hiroshima University Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, HU held a pre-application orientation and roundtable discussion for HUSA/USAC. The roundtable talk has been held three times, and this time had 7 student participants with study abroad experience, the highest ever. There were about 30 participants, mostly students who intended to apply for the HU foreign exchange program HUSA/USAC and those who were interested in overseas studies in general.

At the start of the program, two overseas study advisers explained everything from HUSA/USAC application procedures, to scholarship issues, job hunting, and further education after returning home.

In the second half of the round-table discussion, 7 students with experience studying abroad (2 students who went to America, and as well as students who went to England, Sweden, Finland, France and China) sat at each country’s table and talked about studying overseas.

Many students asked very pragmatic questions ranging from applications to returning home. Students questions included how to select a country and university, how to study foreign languages, how to write a statement of purpose for applying to overseas studies, lesson features at overseas destinations and job hunting after returning home. The students who studied overseas answered each question politely, thinking back on their own experiences.

The results of the questionnaire showed that some students felt there were things that one can know only by experience, and the time they spent was valuable because they could get in touch with people they normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet. One student said that they were taught how to study for the language test that is necessary for international students. For the hopeful students, this roundtable talk was very helpful to understand the next step toward realizing their dreams.

Students during the roundtable discussion


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