Debrief Session on Former Exchange Students' Overseas Experiences (Spring)

On April 23 (Tue) in the Reception Hall of the Faculty Club, a study abroad experience debriefing session was held. A group of former exchange students who experienced study abroad (overseas training) through Hiroshima University’s various overseas study programs reported on their experiences to the approximately 150 participants, who ranged from students interested in overseas education through members of the teaching staff.

This session was the fourth debriefing, continuing from last year, and undergraduate students in their first year up through graduate schools from humanities and science courses who took part in one of the Hiroshima University overseas study programs such as the START Program, HUSA Short Program, HUSA Exchange Program, G.ecbo Program and programs conducted as part of the Re-Inventing Japan Project(Malmo University Short Program, UNPAR International Student Conference, Study Abroad Program on International Protection of Human Rights and Peace Building, Summer School on Environmental Science held at Griffith University), reported on their experiences. Four of the nine programs were introduced in English. For the first time, this debrief session was connected to the Kasumi Campus via teleconference system so we were able to receive the reports from nursing course students who attended the Malmo University Short Program.

The main contents of the debriefing were on the motivation to study abroad, impressions and experiences at overseas study destinations and the personal transformation and changes students felt after coming home. One of the students who studied through the eighth START Program talked about his growth. He said, “The lessons and presentations at my host university held in English made me deeply realize the importance of actively learning.” Another student who studied in Russia through the HUSA Short Program said, “I would like to develop a broad vision and extend my knowledge.”

The largest number of participants to date attended

this session

At the end of the session, President Asahara finished saying, “The students’ reports are getting better year after year, and I can feel how our campus becomes increasingly and steadily internationalized. Our university plans to increase support for overseas study even more actively”.

After listening to the reports, one student said, “More than half of the speakers held their presentation in English. That was very encouraging and enhanced my willingness to study. From now on, I will try even harder”. Others mentioned that hearing about the experiences of overseas study in various countries broadened their horizons.

Participants of the 9th START Program presenting their


President Asahara commenting on the presentations and

talking about his vision of an internationalized campus

Debrief Sessions on Former Exchange Students’ Overseas Experiences are held twice a year, in spring and autumn. The next debriefing session will be in October 2013.

* The presentations are planned to be partially broadcasted on the Hirodai Video Channel in the near future.

Furthermore, from May 13th (Mon) to May 17th (Fri), we are organizing the “Ryugaku WEEK 2013”. There will be numerous events such as information service or round-table talks on overseas study or training for students who are interested in studying abroad. At the same time, there will also be a photo exhibition held in the spiral staircase of the Student Plaza titled “Art Gallery Connecting to the World - The Charm of Overseas Study in Photos.”


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