Discovering the Charm of Study Abroad~“STUDY ABROAD WEEK 2013” held at HU

From May 13 (Mon) to May 17 (Fri), during the “Study Abroad Week 2013”, venues for students to meet were provided at the Student Plaza and the Mermaid Cafe so that students could talk about overseas study experiences and be introduced to various programs both on and off campus.

Over 5 days, about 270 interested students visited these events during breaks between their lessons. It was the third “Study Abroad Week” since 2011, and as a new endeavor, the International Degrees Program - LBJ School and Hiroshima University was introduced, as well as individual consultations (Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation), presentations of personal experiences by privately-funded international students and others who went abroad with programs not related to HU. There was also a briefing session for the Vietnam Work Camp, which is operated by students (Student Volunteer Group OPERATION TSUNAGARI) etc. and many other collaborative events with faculties, individual students or student groups. As in previous years, the Hiroshima University CO-OP Travel Center held counseling on overseas study and the IELTS- Course (International English Language Testing System course) was continued. Altogether, it was a program that met the various needs of students.

There were also corners to discuss overseas study, such as the “Study Abroad TALK” or “All About Overseas Study”. Additionally, a photo exhibition was held in the spiral staircase of the Student Plaza titled “Art Gallery Connecting to the World – the Charm of Overseas Study in Photos”. The events gained the attention of many students, and were voluntarily planned and conducted by the Overseas Study Advisers in connection with the International Exchange Group (students with experience studying abroad) and PA (Phoenix Assistant) students.

Participants said that hearing about the experiences of students who had studied overseas and talking with students who wished to study abroad increased their awareness, and that it was helpful to know that also among the former international students there were so many people with different goals and ways of thinking. Many students called for more events like this. It was a precious opportunity to share opinions, experiences and information.

With 33 pictures, the photo exhibition was the biggest to date. According to a popularity poll of the visitors of Student Plaza, Mr. Kentaro Maeda, a fourth year student of the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, won the top prize for his picture he took in Cambodia when he worked in an orphanage as a volunteer.

The International Exchange Group also intends to hold future orientation sessions on study abroad programs or various language examinations and is planning all kind of events with the intention of supporting students’ overseas education.

International Degrees Program Introduction

Study Abroad TALK

Top Prize Winner Mr. Maeda at the Photo Exhibition (Right)


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