James Madison University Staff Hosted for the INU Shadowing Program

For 2 days, from June 7 (Thu) through 8 (Fri), Hiroshima University hosted Dr. Lee Ward, a staff member from James Madison University (America) for the INU Shadowing Program*.

Dr. Lee Ward is Director of Career and Academic Planning and offers advice on students’ curriculum and professional career issues. During the Shadowing Program, the Vice Executive in charge of Educational Reform, members of the Career Center and the Education Support Group and teachers of the International Center made a presentation on HU programs and systems such as career counseling, internship, academic support, new student orientation, active learning etc. and exchanged opinions with their guest. Both sides were able to confirm that there were many differences in the systems and practices between the two universities and that there are common issues and opinions despite any differences. The presentation was a valuable opportunity for all of the participants.

Furthermore, Dr. Ward explained to the HU staff about James Madison University’s unique system of looking at their students in a comprehensive perspective from the day of their entrance through employment, and offering academic advice and job assistance at a single department. The HU staff asked many questions and there was an active discussion.

It was the first time for Dr. Ward to come to Japan. After he visited Ritsumeikan University (an INU member university located in Kyoto City) on June 3 and 4 for the INU Shadowing Program, he came to Hiroshima University for this training.

(*)What is the INU Shadowing Program?

This program aims to strengthen ties among the INU (International Network of Universities) member universities by providing opportunities for administrators at senior and middle level to study, discuss, and compare administration and governance systems across the network. Participants will normally spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners.

Presentation by Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward at Hiroshima University Campus

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