James Madison University Teaching Staff Hosted for the INU Shadowing Program

For 2 days, from July 8th (Mon) through 9 (Tue), Hiroshima University hosted Dr. Kurt Schick and professor Lisa Schick, a husband and wife team from James Madison University (America) for the INU Shadowing Program*.

Dr. Kurt Schick is the Director of JMU Learning Center and professor Lisa Schick is a specialist for ESL (English as a Second Language) and ESL teaching staff education. During the Shadowing Program, they had a round-table conference with HU staff from the Library, affiliated personnel from the Graduate School of Education, FD (Faculty Development) Director of the Human Resources Training Promotion Office, Vice Executive in charge of Education Reform, and with the Education Support Group staff preparing for the establishment of the HU Writing Center, which is planned go into full-scale operation this October. In the conference they exchanged opinions, received explanations on the HU Writing Center, FD, and the role and organization of a tutor system. Both sides had much to learn, and this discussion was a very valuable opportunity for all the participants. They pledged to contribute to their learning support and business improvement by further promoting mutual exchange activities of university staff.

Dr. Kurt and professor Lisa Schick also visited the Mihara Educational Institution Attached to Hiroshima University. After they inspected lessons and the campus, they met with the Principal, Vice-Principal and English teachers to listen about English education and international exchange efforts. In turn, the guests explained their efforts to teach English to speakers of other languages, such as foreign residents and refugees.

Furthermore, both guests held a presentation on the contents of their work such as learning support systems, English education and JMU’s regional service efforts. The HU staff were able to learn much from practical examples of an effective utilization of student tutors and perfect teamwork between students and university staff in many aspects such as communication, writing, subject oriented study and ESL. There was active discussion and the HU staff asked many questions.

Dr. Kurt and professor Lisa Schick visited Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto City) for 2 days before they came to HU, and after leaving HU they went to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Beppu City), where they spent also 2 days participating in the same program. Both of the Universities are members of the INU.

(*) What is the INU Shadowing Program?

This program aims to strengthen ties among the INU (International Network of Universities) member universities by providing opportunities for administrators at senior and middle level to study, discuss, and compare administration and governance systems across the network. Participants will normally spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners.

Prof. Schick presenting her work to HU administrative staff

Visiting an English class at the Junior High School

Exchanging ideas about the Writing Centers

With students at the Peer Support Room

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