2013 HU China Friendship Meeting was held

On September 27th 2013, Hiroshima University held the Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting (Fraternal Meeting) at Jia Bai Hotel of the Capital Normal University.

This organization consists of former international students or researchers of HU currently active in China. It was established in Dec. 2005 and has been convened periodically. This time around, it was held together along the briefing session for the 1st Japan-China University Presidents' Conference (Chugoku area). Representing HU, President Asahara and Vice President Toshiyuki Sato and other staff members took part. From Beijing, Mr. Lin Zuoping, the Chairperson of the Hiroshima University-China Friendship Meeting (Deputy Secretary-General, China Education Association for International Exchange) and former international students who work for institutions of higher education, all together about 40 people participated in this event.

After President Asahara had briefed them about HU’s present situation and also mentioned that HU had been selected as part of this year’s program for promoting the enhancement of research universities, Chairperson Lin Zuoping gave an address. The participants, who had not seen each other for years, re-established old ties talking about the growing importance of international exchange, reminiscing about old times and exchanging information about former teachers, etc.

At the end, everyone sang the Hiroshima University Song together and pledged a reunion. The party ended successfully.

Mr. Lin Zuoping, the Chairperson of the HU China

Friendship Meeting gave an address.

President Asahara and former international students

singing the Hiroshima University Song together.


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