HU Information Session – Study in Japan, Study in Hiroshima ! - held in Indonesia

From November 27 2013 and over a period of three days, Hiroshima University held the Hiroshima University Information Session - Study in Japan, Study in Hiroshima ! - at the University of Indonesia (UI) and the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) which are also its academic exchange partner universities. At each venue, teaching staff from the participating graduate schools made presentations and explained about each graduate school’s characteristics and the conditions of the entrance examination.

On November 27, with about 50 participating students mainly studying Medicine and Dentistry, the information session was held on the Salemba Campus of University of Indonesia. The event began with speeches from Dr. Shin-ichi Uye, HU Executive and Vice President and Prof. Bambang Irawan, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of UI. This was followed by explanatory speech from Prof. Koichi Kato of the Institute of Biomedical & Health Sciences who introduced the institute and explained about the entrance examination. This was also accompanied by a speech from Dr. Bagus Herlambang (Vice-Director of Graduate Programs, Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, Indonesia), a graduate of HU’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences who presented on his study abroad experiences at Kasumi Campus.

The next day, another session was held with the participation of approximately 80 students on the Depok Campus of UI. Professors from seven graduate schools from HU participated in the event explaining on a wide range of graduate programs in academic areas ranging from humanities and social sciences to natural sciences. In addition, from the Indonesian side a welcoming address from Dr. Jossy P. Moeis, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business was accompanied by explanations from Mr. Tetsuhito Minami, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia on the Japanese Government Scholarship System and the whole study abroad program in Japan. Many students enthusiastically asked questions at the one-to-one consultation held at the end of the session.

On the final day on November 29, the last session was held at the Institut Teknologi Bandung with a participation of approximately 90 students primarily studying science and engineering. At ITB, HU has established its overseas base called “Hiroshima University Bandung Center”. Dr. Edwan Kardena, Director of the Directorate of Partnership and International Relations of ITB who gave an opening address said that the academic exchange between the two universities has developed steadily so far. In addition, Dr. Widyarini Weningtyas, who graduated from the HU Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation introduced his study abroad experience at HU and the charm of Hiroshima.

In the evening of the same day, the HU Bandung alumni meeting was held at a hotel in Bandung City. At the gathering, Dr. Yudi Darma, Chairperson of the Bandung Alumni Association (Assoc. Prof. of ITB) gave a welcoming address while the HU Executive and Vice President Dr. Shin-ichi Uye expressed an interest to strengthen exchange with Indonesia through the cooperation of alumni students. There were about 30 alumni and other interested persons present at the gathering. They all caught up as well as renewed their friendships with each other.

At HU, together with fostering human resources capable of working in the global community, expanding the number of foreign students are also considered as an urgent challenge. Aside from holding the session in Indonesia, a similar event has been held in Vietnam, China and Taiwan this year. Through these activities, more students from abroad are expected to study at HU.

(1) University of Indonesia Salemba Campus
Date: November 27 (Wed.) 9:30-11:30
Place: Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia
Participating Graduate School: Biomedical and Health Sciences
Participants: Approximately 50 people
(2) University of Indonesia Depok Campus
Date: November 28 (Thurs.) 13:30-16:30
Place: Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia
Participating Graduate Schools, etc.: Letters, Social Sciences, Science, Advanced Sciences of Matter,
Biomedical and Health Sciences, Engineering, International Development and Cooperation,
Program for Leading Graduate Schools (Taoyaka Program)
Participants: Approximately 80 people
(3) Institut Teknologi Bandung
Date: November 29 (Fri.) 9:00-11:00
Place: Institut Teknologi Bandung
Participating Graduate Schools: Science, Advanced Sciences of Matter, Engineering, International
Development and Cooperation
Participants: Approximately 90 people

Introduction to the Graduate School of Biomedical and

Health Sciences (Salemba Campus)

Q & A - From the left Dr. Bagus, Prof. Kato, Dr. Uye

(Salemba Campus)

Explanations by Mr. Minami, First Secretary of the Embassy

of Japan in Indonesia (Depok Campus)

Introduction of each Graduate School (Depok Campus)

The Venue – University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics

and Business (Depok Campus)

Greetings from Executive and Vice President Dr. Uye


Students asking questions enthusiastically at the

one-to-one meeting (ITB)

Socialising at the Bandung Alumni Meeting


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