HU Taiwan Friendship Meeting was held

On Dec. 28th 2013, the Hiroshima University-Taiwan Friendship and Convivial Meeting was held in Taipei. Representing Hiroshima University were President Asahara and Vice President Sato (International/Fund) who both attended this event.

The meeting began with a welcome address delivered by the alumni association chairperson Chen Bein-Kuen (Professor of Shin Hsin University) . Following this, President Asahara also gave an address and conveyed his wish to deepen exchanges with Taiwan with the assistance of the alumni in the future. About 40 alumni members and other persons affiliated to HU took part in the meeting, re-establishing old ties by catching up with old friends. At the end, all of the participants sang the Hiroshima University Song together. Everybody also pledged a reunion and the party ended successfully.

Singing the Hiroshima University Song

Commemorative picture of the Alumni Meeting participants


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