HU invited the President of the University of Sao Paulo to an “Exchange of Opinion” Meeting with its Executives

On January 14th, 2014, Hiroshima University invited Dr. Joao Grandino Rodas, President of the University of Sao Paulo, one of its academic partner universities, to an “exchange of opinions” meeting with HU executives. About 30 people including HU Executives, Vice Presidents and Directors participated in this meeting.

The University of Sao Paulo is a top level comprehensive research university in South and Central America. Since HU has concluded a university-level partnership agreement with USP in 2010, both universities have been actively promoting educational and academic exchange by accepting students for summer schools or holding academic seminars, etc.

At the beginning of the meeting, HU President Dr. Toshimasa Asahara introduced USP President Dr. Rodas. This was followed by a lecture on the “Introduction of University of Sao Paulo and its International Strategy”. The lecture was interpreted by Prof. Masato Ninomiya from the Faculty of Law of USP, one of HU’s visiting professors. The content of the lecture included a broad range of subjects such as the university’s history, contents of educational research, features of organization and management, financial situation, research funding etc. In the second half of the lecture, there were explanations on the state of global development of the acceptance of international students, lessons in English, and the overseas study programs, etc. During the subsequent “exchange of opinions” meeting, the participants had a lively discussion and put forward a concrete proposal about future exchange between the two universities. For both universities, this meeting proved to be extremely valuable opportunity.

Before and after the meeting, the participants visited some of our university’s characteristic facilities such as the Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center, the Institute for Amphibian Biology and the Higashi-Hiroshima Observatory. They also visited an exposition corner with documents about Hiroshima’s devastation caused by the atomic bomb and its resurrection, and thus deepen their knowledge about HU’s efforts for peace building.

We hope that the visit of the President of USP will give impetus to further mutual exchange between the two universities.

USP President Dr. Joao Grandino Rodas holding a lecture

(in the center), with HU President Dr. Asahara (left) and

Prof. Ninomiya (right)

Many participants attended the “exchange of opinions” meeting

Visiting the Institute for Amphibian Biology


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