Malmö University staff accepted into the training as part of the INU Shadowing Program

For one week, from April 16 (Wed) through 22 (Tue), Hiroshima University hosted Mr. Johan Portland, a Communication Officer of Malmo University (Sweden) for the INU Shadowing Program* and conducted training.

Mr. Portland is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Web Content Management System and for a variety of public relations or information related work at his university. During this Shadowing Program, he visited the Hiroshima University Public Relations Group, the Research Planning Office and the Education Support Group where he received explanations from HU staff on our university’s public relations activities and the information system and conducted an exchange of opinions. As the participants had a discussion looking at the actually used website and screen display of the system, both sides had much to learn about common points and differences between two universities, and this discussion was a very valuable opportunity for all.

Furthermore, Mr. Johan Portland held a presentation for the HU staff on Malmo University in general and on public relations work with the attendance of about 20 HU staff members. In his presentation, Mr. Portland gave us a lot of useful information such as the communication strategy of his university, the process of decision-making which is completely different to Japan, and the advanced web marketing etc. There was an active discussion and the HU staff asked many questions.

Mr. Portland’s presentation materials can be partially viewed from the following URL:

(*) What is the INU Shadowing Program?

This program aims to strengthen ties among the INU (International Network of Universities) member universities by providing opportunities for administrators at senior and middle level to study, discuss, and compare administration and governance systems across the network. Participants will normally spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners. Including Hiroshima University, 10 universities from 8 countries are members of INU.

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