Disaster Prevention Practice was held at the Hiroshima University International House

In order to boost the security of living environment and the awareness of disaster prevention, a fire drill took place at International House of Hiroshima University on Saturday 19th April. After an emergency alarm went off, a representative of international students made an emergency 119-call to a fire station and the others evacuated from the building promptly, using emergency stairs.

They have learned how to take countermeasures in case of fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services), along with learning ways of behavior in case of earthquakes and other natural disasters. In addition, they put fire-fighting into practice by using a fire extinguisher and conducted a water-discharge exercise.

Emergency call numbers and countermeasures against disasters vary in each country around the globe. Therefore, the International House carries out a fire drill biannually, in April and October, and provides an opportunity for all residents to ensure their safety.

A participant using a fire extinguisher (1)

A participant using a fire extinguisher (2)


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