HU Signed an Agreement of Research Cooperation with São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil

Hiroshima University signed a research cooperation agreement with Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil on August 29, 2014. This organization is the largest foundation in Brazil supporting the study of natural sciences or humanities and social sciences for the purpose of developing research in the state of Sao Paulo.

In 2010, HU already concluded an inter-university Academic Exchange Agreement with the Latin American region’s top class comprehensive research university, the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil, and has since promoted active academic exchange. However, this new research cooperation agreement will make it possible for HU to receive financial support from the above-mentioned foundation not only for exchange activities with USP but also with all other universities and research institutes in the state of Sao Paulo.

At the signing ceremony, signatures to the agreement were exchanged between FAPESP President Celso Lafer and HU Executive and Vice President Tetsuji Okamoto with other stakeholders including former USP President Joao Grandino Rodas, Brazilian Ambassador to Geneva (former Brazilian Ambassador to Japan) Marcos Bezerra Abbott Galvao, and FAPESP Chief Executive Officer Jose Arana Varela in attendance. USP Faculty of Law Professor Masato Ninomiya (one of HU’s visiting professors), Hiroshima-Kenjin Kai (an association of immigrants from Hiroshima in Brazil) Chairperson and HU Brazil Alumni Association Chairperson Hiromu Onishi also attended the event.

In addition, 3 HU students began a short-term study at USP from August this year with the help of scholarships from the same university. The student dispatch this time around, is a result of the agreement made at the meeting between HU President Asahara and USP former President Rodas, who visited Hiroshima University in January this year. During the visit of HU Executive and Vice President Tetsuji Okamoto to Sao Paulo, these 3 students took the opportunity to make a courtesy call on Chairperson Hiromu Onishi, and talked about their aspirations to study abroad.

Furthermore, the Dean of the HU Graduate School of Letters Makoto Katsube visited USP’s Faculty of Humanities on August 25. USP Faculty of Humanities plans to establish a new graduate school for Asian Studies and concluded an academic cooperation agreement on Asian Studies research with the Faculty of Letters of our university in September of last year. During the visit, the Vice-Director of Center Japanese Studies at the Faculty of Humanities Eliza Atsuko Tashiro Perez (Hiroshima University alumna), Professor Koichi Mori, Professor Shozo Motoyama and others exchanged opinions about the future prospects of academic exchange.

On August 28, HU Executive and Vice President Tetsuji Okamoto visited the Faculty of Dentistry at USP. There was a discourse with Professor Celso Augusto Lemos Junior, and both sides discussed academic exchange between the Faculties of Dentistry. Then, Executive and Vice President Okamoto presented a special lecture about iPS cell research to an audience of about 50 students and teachers. After the lecture, the participants actively asked questions about the research, Hiroshima University or matters concerning studying abroad.

Since HU established the Hiroshima University Brazil Center in Sao Paulo City as an overseas base in 2009, USP has played a vital role in active academic exchange with Brazil. We hope that in-depth exchange within each discipline will continue in the future.

After the signing; Executive and Vice President Okamoto

(left) shaking hands with FAPESP President Celso Lafer


The signing ceremony was attended by former USP President

Rodas, Ambassador Galvao, FAPESP Chief Executive Officer

Varela, Professor Ninomiya and Chairperson Onishi.

The students visiting Chairperson Onishi (right foreground)

were talking about their aspirations to study abroad.

Commemorative picture after the lecture at the USP Faculty of Dentistry

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