Debrief Session on Former Exchange Students' Overseas Experiences

On October 28 (Tue) in the Reception Hall of the Faculty Club, a study abroad experience debriefing session was held from 18:10 to 20:00. A group of former exchange students who experienced study abroad (overseas training) through Hiroshima University’s various overseas study programs reported on their experiences to the approximately 60 participating teachers and students. This time, 3 students who are active as Study Abroad Advisors (*) acted as the facilitators of this session.

This session was the seventh debriefing, and students who took part in one of the Hiroshima University overseas study programs such as the HUSA Program, G.ecbo Global Internship Program, Teaching Practicum in Japanese as a Foreign Language, Internships in Vietnam, Overseas Research Project, Zambia Education Program and START Programs reported on their experiences. A student who was sent to Taiwan for the two-week START Program gave an introduction in Chinese. Additionally, five of the nine programs were introduced in English and the students had the opportunity to show the results of their language training abroad.

The main contents of the debriefing referred to the program outlines, the motivation to study abroad, life at overseas study destinations, the personal transformation and changes students felt after coming home. One of the students who studied through the Internship in Vietnam said, “I realized how difficult it is to work with people with various backgrounds”. A participant of the 18th START Program who had built a positive attitude through the program said, “Based on the lessons from my study abroad experience, I will continue to take on new challenges such as volunteer activities and long-term study abroad.”

At the end of the session, President Asahara finished saying, “I always look forward to attending this session. This time also, I was very pleased to hear stimulating presentations from students with various experiences in different countries. As global situation is rapidly changing, there are many things you can't learn without going abroad. It is difficult to understand different cultures, histories and politics all over the world. However, it’s our mission to foster personnel who can understand and challenge culture diversity. Our university plans to increase support for overseas study even more actively.”

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One of the students said: “I heard a lot about various overseas study programs and the details”. Another student said: “The presenters talked very cheerfully about their study abroad experiences with confidence. Now I’m considering studying abroad seriously.”

Debrief Sessions on Former Exchange Students’ Overseas Experiences are held twice a year, in spring and autumn. The next debriefing session will be in May 2015.

Presentation of a START Program participant (Taiwan)

President Asahara commenting on the presentations

(*)Study Abroad Advisors are students with overseas study experiences working as Phoenix Assistants at the office of HU International Exchange Group. Their responsibilities include individual consultation and holding study abroad information sessions. For more information, click here.


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