The 2014 HU Taiwan Friendship Meeting was held

On December 12th 2014, Hiroshima University held the Hiroshima University-Taiwan Friendship Meeting in Taipei.

The HU-Taiwan Friendship Meeting consists of former international students and researchers of HU currently active in Taiwan. It was established in February 2009 with regular meetings taken place over the years. This time, alumni association chairperson Bein-Kuen Chen (Professor of Shin Hsin University) and other former international students presently working at universities or other institutes of higher education came together for this meeting. Hiroshima University was represented by President Toshimasa Asahara and Vice President Toshiyuki Sato (International/Fund). In addition, teaching staff members who attended the Study Abroad Information Session, which was held on the same day, joined the party, and there were altogether about 50 participants.

The meeting began with a welcome address delivered by the alumni association chairperson Bein-Kuen Chen. Following this, President Asahara gave an address, conveying his wishes to strengthen the network among the alumni, emphasizing the importance of their ties with the university. The participants engaged in various conversations including international exchange and its growing significance, the old days at Hiroshima University and shared news of their former teachers; renewing old friendships in the process. At the end, all of the participants gave three cheers. Everybody pledged a reunion and the party ended successfully.

Hiroshima University established overseas alumni associations in order to create a network among alumni abroad. Meetings are held periodically, and HU expects to reinforce exchange among alumni, their connection with the University and to strengthen human network in general.

 President Asahara and Chairperson Bein-Kuen Chen
 The Participants Giving Three Cheers


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