Debriefing Session on Former Exchange Students’ Overseas Experiences (Spring)

On May 10th (Wed) in the Reception Hall on the second floor of the Faculty Club building, a study abroad experience debriefing session was held. This session gives former exchange students who experienced study abroad (overseas training) through Hiroshima University’s various overseas study programs the opportunity to report on their experiences. On the day, 81 faculty members and students interested in overseas studies participated.

This was the 12th such debriefing session. Students who took part in one of the Hiroshima University overseas study programs - the HUSA Program, the AIMS-HU Program, the G.ecbo Global Internship Program, the START Program, Taiwan Short Visit and JICA Field Study Program for University Students - reported on their experiences. Five of the seven programs were introduced in English and the students had the opportunity to show the results of their language acquisition through these programs.

The debriefing focused mainly on students’ motivation for studying abroad, preparation for study abroad, overseas life, and personal growth, changes, and discoveries ,made after having completed the abroad study experience . One of the students who had taken part in the Taiwan Short Visit Program commented: “There are many things we can learn only through experience and not from the words of others. I feel that it is important to be more active and outgoing.” Another student, who went to New Zealand through the 41st START Program made a presentation in English: “After participating in the study abroad program, I feel more confident and became more active, and thus I was able to make many new friends. I plan to continue studying English and move on to the next steps such as furthering my studies abroad or proceed to graduate school.”
At the end of the session, Vice President (International Exchange) Professor Maruyama gave words of encouragement to the students in English based on his own overseas experience. He ended his speech with a message towards the other participants who attended the debriefing session: “Next year, it will be your turn to report on your study abroad experiences.”

The participants expressed their thoughts saying: “We managed to get a clear picture of the countries where the students went through the presentations” or “It was a good opportunity to learn about many study abroad programs. I am now interested in other programs as well.”
This session is part of the “Study Abroad Week”(Japanese page), held over 6 days from May 8th (Mon) until May 12th (Fri) and May 19th (Fri). The “Study Abroad Week” takes place once a year and includes numerous events aimed at students interested in overseas studies, including information services about studying and training abroad and discussion meetings with experienced students. We hope to see both those who participated and those who could not join us this time at our event next year.

Presentation by HUSA Program participant

Comment from Vice President, Prof. Maruyama

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