Hiroshima University Japanese Language and Culture Special Program Summer Session in 2017 for Taiwanese and Chinese Students

 Hiroshima University has accepted students from our partner universities/institutions in Taiwan and China for the Japanese Language and Culture Special Program Summer Session. 

 This program started in 2010 aiming to help overseas youths who have an interest in Japanese language and culture to deepen their understanding of Japan and to encourage them to come back to study at HU.

 This summer, we accepted 24 students from Taiwan from July 3rd to 18th, and 40 students from China from July 19th to August 4th. 

 Besides taking language classes and experience-based lessons on Japanese culture such as “kendo” (Japanese fencing), “Ikebana“ (Japanese flower arrangement) and “kendama” (Japanese cup and ball game), the participants had the opportunity to interact with HU students. The participants also visited Sake Breweries in Saijo and Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima, a world heritage site, and deepened their understanding of Japanese culture and history. They also learned value of peace by visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the Atomic Bomb Dome. 

 In this program, the participants learnt a lot about Japanese language, culture, and society through lessons in class, educational field trips, and interactions with Japanese students. We hope that in the future many of the participants from Taiwan and China will come back to study at HU, and form a bridge between Japan and their country and region.

Participants from Taiwan

Participants from China

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