Information Exchange Meeting for the “Morito Higher Education Institute 3 +1 Program”

On February 9, 2018, an information exchange meeting for the “Morito Higher Education Institute 3 +1 Program,” was held for students of the program, their supervisors, and President Mitsuo Ochi.

At the meeting, the 2nd batch of students for this 3+1 program shared their recent updates and talked about their study abroad experiences. They also had the opportunity to exchange views frankly with their program supervisors. A total of 86 participants including 65 students attended this meeting.

At the welcoming remarks, President Ochi expressed his determination to make the 3+1 Program a program student can be proud of. And at the same time, he encouraged the 3+1 Program Students to make the best of their student life and daily life in Japan. After the welcoming remarks, the meeting started with a toast led by Executive and Vice President Toshiyuki Sato.

The meeting was free and easy, participants enjoyed active interactions with the President, Executives, program supervisors, and students. The meeting ended with a closing remark by Vice President Yasushi Maruyama.

(*) Morito Higher Education Institute 3 +1 Program
In this program, Hiroshima University welcomes international students, mostly from China, who have completed their 3rd year or 2nd year in their undergraduate programs at their home institutions. The program is unique in that we accept those students as “Special Auditing Students,” offering a specialized education or research guidance that contributes to the completion of their own graduation thesis. The university expects the program participants, upon their completion of the 3+1 program,  to continue their studies at Hiroshima University, first as a research student and then as a master’s student at one of our Graduate Schools. We have been well prepared for this plan.

Welcoming Remarks by President Ochi

Communicating with the 3+1 Students

Communicating with the 3+1 Students

Closing Remark by Vice President Maruyama

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