“Study Abroad Week 2018” - One Week to Feel the Fascination of Studying Abroad

Over a period of five days from May 7th to 11th, “Study Abroad Week 2018” was held at Hiroshima University. This event’s aims are to introduce students to various exchange programs and to provide them the opportunity to talk about abroad study, thus deepening their interest in studying and/or researching overseas. First held in 2011, this year was the eighth Study Abroad Week event, with over 700 students and faculty members participating.

Study Abroad Advisors (students with experience of studying abroad) acting as consultants at the office of HU International Exchange Group, voluntarily organized projects such as the “Study Abroad Explanation Meeting” which provided information relating to overseas study or “Study Abroad Café” where fellow students could discuss studying overseas. These projects aroused much interest and curiosity in many visitors.
One of the participating students said; “I want to study English very hard so as to study abroad in the future.” Another commented; “Stories from the experienced students told me how I should start preparing for my study abroad.” These feedbacks showed that this event gave the participants various opportunities to share their experience and information.

Hiroshima University, through the continued planning and implementation of such study abroad and language exam information events, aims to continue in supporting sending students overseas.

Study Abroad Café

Explanation about “Tobitate! Ryugaku JAPAN" program

Staircase picture exhibition of overseas study

International Exchange Group, Hiroshima University
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