Anatomy and Developmental Biology

Prof. Koji Ikegami

【Research Keyword】
Cilia, cytoskeleton, extracellular vesicles, body wall formation, cell migration, cell biology, developmental biology

【Recent highlights】
We have recently discovered a phenomenon in which the tips of primary cilia that protrude from almost all cells in the body are pinched off and released outside the cell (Cell 2017). A study to explore the function of this new extracellular vesicle has been launched as a JST PRESTO project.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Undergraduate education: We educate students the understanding four-dimensionally the human body structure through lectures of "human body anatomy for human understanding", "systematic anatomy", and "embryology", and practices of "human body anatomy practice" and "osteology practice".
Graduate school education: We are mainly in charge of practicing "human anatomy".

We are exploring how cells, cell populations and tissues change after genomic editing and microsurgery on cultured cells and embryos by conducting microscopic observation and omics. The following themes are in progress.

  1. New morphological changes of cilia in intercellular and inter-tissue communications
  2. Discovery of novel extracellular vesicles, and histological and morphological analyses on their function
  3. Morphological analyses on functional regulation of polar structures by post-translational modifications of cytoskeleton
  4. Understanding biological evolution focusing on gametogenesis
  5. Regionalization of the body wall and specification of the neuromuscular connectivity
  6. Behavior of the lateral plate cells on the morphogenesis of body wall during chicken development


【Photo explanation】  Primary cilium, and the release of its tip