Forensic Medicine

Prof. Masataka Nagao, Prof. Akira Namera

【Research Keyword】
Masataka Nagao
Clinical forensic medicine, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Elder abuse, Drug, Chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Cell cycle, DNA damage, Epigenetics, Differentiation

Akira Namera
Drug intoxication, Industrial poisoning, Drug dependence, Simple detection method, Chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Metabolites analysis, Drug analysis in hair

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars (Prof. Masataka Nagao)

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars (Prof. Akira Namera)

Forensic medicine contributes to maintaining safety as a democratic law-abiding country while making fair decisions from a medical point of view and respecting basic human rights. With the progress of clinical medicine and changes in social systems, the scope of forensic medicine will expand. Forensic medicine is required to discover new problems and make new scientific recommendations based on the new knowledge that has been positively involved in these problems. After recognizing the importance of forensic medicine as a social medicine, the aim is to learn forensic medicine from both basic theory and applied medical aspects, and to acquire knowledge that can be immediately applied to practical activities as a doctor.

Masataka Nagao
・Clinical forensic medicine
・Elucidation of molecular cytotoxic mechanism of organophosphorus agents
・Identification of a novel factor involved in ocular development and its functional analysis

Akira Namera
・Development of purification method and purification material for chemical substances from biological samples
・Development of analytical methods for chemical substances that affect living organisms and their interpretation
・Development and practical application of simple detection method for determination of illegal and legal medicine