Prof. Kouichi Hashimoto

【Research Keyword】
Neuron, synapse, neuronal circuitry

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

This unit provides undergraduate students with knowledge of the cellular physiology. Neurons generate electricity, and use it for the signal processing. Students learn how neurons generate membrane potential, action potential and synaptic potential. They also learn how they are used for the signal processing in the neuronal circuitry. After the study of the cellular physiology, we provide knowledge about how neurons process sensory information form eyes, ears, skins and so on. Moreover, students also learn how neurons control the movements of the body and the autonomic nervous system.

○Postnatal refinement of the neuronal circuitry:
At birth, neurons generate supernumerary synapses around the target neurons. During the postnatal development, surplus synapses are gradually eliminated (synapse elimination) and functional neuronal circuits are constructed. Our aim of this project is to clarify the molecular mechanisms for the synapse elimination.

○Mechanisms for the rhythmogenesis of neurons:
Some neurons in the central nervous system show the sinusoidal membrane potential oscillation. Our aim of this project is to clarify roles and mechanisms of the oscillation.

【Photo explanation】Laboratory seminar