Public Health and Health Policy

【Research Keyword】
Health policy, community health, environmental health, global health, infectious diseases, health promotion.

【Recent highlights】
We have published the Japanese translation version of “Social determinants of Health. 2nd ed.”(edited by Michael Marmot and Richard G Wilkinson) from Japan Public Health Association. We expect that many Japanese medical students learn social medicine in this book.
Social Determinants of Health Second Edition (Japanese translation), Japan Public Health Association, 2017, (Editor in Japanese translation: Akira Eboshida, Authors: Akira Eboshitda, and et all.), ISBN:978489202497, 357, 18

Our educational goal is that students learn about public health (an area of study mainly focusing on prescriptions for the social and the future health through community organizational efforts) with a focus on “justice (an ideology and methodology for correcting social, economic, health, and other discrepancies)”, which is the basic principle of health and longevity, the primary objective (in a narrow sense) of medicine and healthcare. Students will therefore also learn about methods and applications of social medicine, which is responsible for health in general, through lectures, practical training, onsite training, and other means. Social and community health will be discussed from the perspective of prevention, epidemiology, and system. In lectures, the policies of the scientific and healthcare systems in the health area will be summarized and the structure and implementation of the systems will also be explained. Students will also improve their recognition and understanding of satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment, and other emotional states of individuals and societies that are attained by ensuring a high quality of life (QOL), which is the final objective (in a broad sense) of medicine and healthcare. In addition, we have lectures for first/second grade students to learn international perspective through health and medical care. Through these lectures, we aim to develop a human resource to tackle the global health issue.

The research topics are covered health policy, community health, environmental health, and global health.

  1.  Research on long-term care insurance (municipal level policy for long-term care insurance/Scientific research project of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and the Healthy Japan 21 (Funded Research for Health Promotion Law and the Community Health Law).
  2.  Research on housing and social community (Research on reconstruction of the Building Standards Law and social capital for preventing accidental events and cardiovascular disease).
  3.  Epidemiological study and medical treatment for dementia.
  4.  Study of medical economics and EDI system (electronic billing system of medical expenses).
  5.  Community Health Studies (Community Health after consolidation of municipalities: issues related to health infrastructure, organization, personnel, etc.)
  6.  Research on risk factor of allergic diseases and preventing serious case (epidemiologic and molecular epidemiologic and ecological study).
  7.  Research on health promotion for community dwellers with focusing on the preventive care and suicide prevention.
  8.  Environmental epidemiology related with the discovery of the environmental factors that contribute to noncommunicable diseases.
  9.  Research on advert health effects of air pollution (mainly Asian dust) in the East Asian region.
  10.  Research on health effects in different geographical accessibility to health resources.

【Figure explanation】 Social determinants of health

【Figure explanation】 Basic concepts of public health policies