Gastroenterological and Transplant Surgery

Prof. Hideki Ohdan

【Research Keyword】
Gastric cancer, Colorectal cancer, Hepatic cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Organ transplant, Cancer immunology, Transplant immunology, Chemotherapy, Minimally invasive surgery, Medical engineering, Hepatitis, Organ preservation, NK cells

【Recent highlights】
An adoptive immunotherapy using lymphocytes extracted from liver allograft perfusate which includes an abundance of NK cells in order to prevent infection after liver transplantation is approved as a clinical study by ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan on November 2015. This adoptive immunotherapy using donor-derived lymphocytes which includes NK cells have already been applied to clinical treatment in order to prevent recurrence of hepatic cancer after liver transplantation since January 2006 and has shown effective even in preventing infection.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We are promoting education in the four specialized gastroenterological field, upper gastrointestinal tract, lower gastrointestinal tract, hepatobiliary pancreatic, and transplant fields. We aim to train excellent researchers and transmit their achievements to home and abroad through graduate school studies with high specialty. We also aim to acquire essential surgical skills and practicalize creative problem-solving through participatory clinical training in medical school. We make efforts to train surgeons and surgical scientists who can feel their patient’s pain and suffering and are excellent in researches, skills, scholarship and characters.

Aim to provide effective and safe medical treatment closely related to clinical practice, we are working on the following studies.
1.Development of methods for immune-monitoring and induction of immune-tolerance
2.Development of immune-regulatory strategies in xenotransplantation
3.Elucidation of mechanism underlying antibody-mediate rejection
4.Elucidation of characteristics of liver-resident immunocytes
5.Development of approaches for immune-therapy against cancer
6.Elucidation of mechanism underlying liver regeneration
7.Development of procedures for isolation, culture and transplantation of islet cells
8.Development of measures for patient managements after kidney, pancreas and liver transplantation
9.Development of strategies for ameliorating organ ischemia-reperfusion injury
10.Development of approaches for molecular-targeting therapy against gastroenterological cancer
11.Development of procedures gastroenterological surgeries
12.Development of humanized mouse model for investigating gastroenterological cancer
13.Development of devices for less invasive surgeries
14.Genetic and epigenetic analyses in gastroenterological cancer

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