Orthopaedic Surgery

Prof. Nobuo Adachi

【Research Keyword】
regenerative medicine, bone/cartilage regeneration, sports injuries, malignant bone tumor, gene therapy, osteoarthritis, bio-imaging, locomotive syndrome

【Recent highlights】
We have been researching regenerative medicine so that you can walk and live healthy on your own feet without the need for artificial joint replacement all your life. Especially in regenerative medicine, the cultivated cartilage cell transplant, the trade name of which is Jack®, was developed by the previous professor Ochi after years of research, and was applied to be covered by medical insurance in 2013. We have also been closely tying up with many professional sports teams, such as Hiroshima Toyo Carp (baseball), Sanfrecce Hiroshima (soccer), JT Thunders (basketball), Hiroshima Dragonflies (volleyball) and so on, and organizing a support system for them enabling efficient medical checkups, trauma care, rehabilitation, etc. of the players.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We have organized a fulfilling system for clinical training and basic research to aim for fostering doctors who can contribute not only to the regional society, but also to the international society.

Our lectures consist of disorders of locomotor system, locomotor injury, diagnosis and treatment as generalities, and also as particulars, each of the disorder, treatment and rehabilitation in hip joint, shoulder, hand, foot&ankle, spinal cord, tumor, and the plastic surgery.  In the training course, students learn drafting methods of diagnosis techniques and treatment policies of locomotor diseases, and also aim to acquire the basic technique of conservative treatments and surgical treatments.  In the graduate school course, students perform basic research according to the theme of each student based on the research stated below column, and in the clinical study, they perform world-leading clinical research belonging to each of the subgroups.


・Novel therapeutic strategy using microRNA for regeneration of musculoskeletal organs
・Development of novel diagnostic imaging system using fluorescence bio-imaging
・Evaluation for molecular mechanisms of osteoarthritis targeting neuropeputide
・Evaluation for the factors associated with re-rupture after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
・Development of novel therapeutic strategy using exosome including microRNA for the treatment of bone tumor
・Evaluation for exosome of non-dividing cells in osteoarthritis

【Photo explanation】 Autologous cartilage implantation using tissue engineering technique

【Photo explanation】 Motion capture analysis using VICON system