Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Prof. Sachio Takeno

【Research Keyword】
Allergy, Eosinophil, Nitric oxide, Cochlear implant, Molecular genetics of hearing loss, JCOG study

【Recent highlights】
October 1-3, 2015. The 55th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Rhinologic Society.
May 17-20, 2017. The 117th Annual Meeting of ORL Society of Japan.
April, 2014. Auditory and Cochlear Implant Center of Hiroshima University was founded.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Otorhinolaryngology covers all human organs above neck except brain and eye. We deal with disorders of sensory organs associated with hearing, balance, smell and gustation, facial nerve paralysis, deglutition and phonation disorders, salivary gland diseases and head and neck tumor in addition to all diseases about ear, nose, pharynx and larynx. We lecture about pathophysiology, diagnosis and therapy of these diseases so as to make you understand them comprehensively. We teach students about basic knowledge and practice of otorhinolaryngology and its associated fields. Lectures are given by staffs who are specialized in specific disease groups according to the syllabus. Moreover, professors from other universities whose knowledge and experience are wide and deep take charge of some diseases.

Allergology and Rhinology
 Research on the pathogenesis of allergic and eosinophilic inflammation in the upper airway;
 Molecular biological study of eosinophilic rhinosinusitis
 Research on the pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis and development of a new therapy
 Research on the functional role of nitric oxide in the upper airway
Hearing and Audiology
 Clinical research on cochlear implant
 Molecular and genetical analysis of sensory neural hearing loss
 Introduction of trans ear endoscopic canal surgery
Head and Neck tumor
 Organizing member of Japan Clinical Oncology Group(JCOG), Head and Neck cancer division
 Introduction of Video-assisted neck surgery

【Photo explanation】 at a case conference