The department of Pediatrics provides health care services for physical and mental conditions in children from infancy through adolescence. In our department, 31 pediatricians have each special field, such as hematology, oncology, immunology, neonatology, metabolic disease, neurology, endocrinology, genomics, allergy, rheumatology, cardiology, nephrology, and psychology. We present major point of child health and general pediatric diseases in lecture. Clinical training provide basic attitude for pediatric treatment, interview technique, and physical examination. In graduate course, students can choose several study subjects from the following research contents, and get medical research specialists or advising doctors. In future, we expect our students become leaders of pediatric field.


  1. Pathological study for congenital neutropenia and cyclic neutropenia using iPS cells
  2. Pathological analysis for primary immunodeficiency of innate immunity disorders
    i) Identification of responsible genes for primary immunodeficiencies by introducing genome-wide multi-omics analysis.
    ii) Investigation of molecular pathogenesis of patient with CMC and/or MSMD.
    iii) Analysis of molecular basis for transcription factor in developmental of primary immunodeficiency
  3. Development of high sensitive anti-neutrophil antibody
  4. Clinical study for pediatric oncology (hematological malignancy and solid tumor)
  5. Analysis of regulatory T-cells in neonatal immune system
  6. Pathological analysis for pediatric nervous disorders using imaging study and physiological function test
  7. Functional neuroimaging for developmental disorders
  8. Study of the molecular mechanism underlie severe Coronavirus Disease 2019

【Photo explanation】 Outpatient clinic of pediatrics

【Photo explanation】 Laboratory department of pediatrics