Prof. Shinya Takahashi

【Research Keyword】
Atrial fibrillation,Spinal cord ischemia,Pancreato-biliary cancer,Perioperative chemotherapy,Circulating cell-free DNA,Inflammatory bowel disease,Neuroblastoma,Hepatoblastoma,Wilms' tumor

【Recent highlights】

  1. Cardiovascular Surgery
    Recently, use of stent graft for acute aortic dissection was frequently selected and less invasive and safe therapy in available.  Surgical stress could be reduced by stenting the self-expanding graft in the injured aorta.
  2. Gastrointestinal Surgery
    Main theme of Hepato-biliary-pancreatic group in 1st department of surgery is treatment of hepatobiliary-pancreatic disease, and especially tackles to surgical therapy for pancreato-biliary cancer.  Hiroshima University hospital is Training Institution for a board certificated expert surgeon of Japanese Society of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery (A), which is one of the five certificated institutions in Hiroshima Prefecture. Hepato-biliary-pancreatic group is playing a central role of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery in Hiroshima.
  3. Pediatric Surgery
    Pediatric Surgery group is working as a secretariat of Study group of the Japanese Pediatric Liver Tumor (JPLT), and playing a central role of clinical trial about pediatric liver tumors in Japan. In addition, Pediatric Surgery group is member of the Japanese Neuroblastoma Study Group and Japanese Wilms' Tumor Study Group.  We can attend many clinical trials for these pediatric disease.  Moreover, pediatric Surgery group is attending the clinical trials for biliary atresia.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

One of the special features of 1st department of surgery is major surgical department including cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and pediatric surgery.  We diagnose and decide the therapeutic strategy for each patient in the conference of each group.  In addition, joint conference attending all members of 1st department of surgery is held (Pre- and postoperative conference, every Tuesday and Thursday).  In this conference, all specialized doctors discuss patients’ disease and finally decide the therapeutic strategies.  Also, postoperative courses of all patients are reported in this conference.  Conferences with other departments including internal medicine and pathology are regularly held.

All specialized doctors hope to provide many chances of practice for residents and fellow doctors, and help them to get many clinical experiences.  Depending on the residents’ choices, they can practice in each group of cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and pediatric surgery, respectively.

We have established the surgical training system which enables residents to get the Board Certified Surgeon just after completion of the initial training course.  To get the Board Certified Surgeon, residents need to practice the surgery, perioperative examinations, and anesthesia about the all of cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, thoracic surgery and pediatric surgery.

Since 1st department of surgery includes cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and pediatric surgery, all residents can easily experience these essential tasks.

We have curriculum which enables residents to experience the essential surgical procedures to get the Board Certified Surgeon in training hospital certificated from Japan Surgical Society.

We can provide residents with many chances of conference presentation and writing manuscripts.  We believe that conference presentation and writing manuscripts contribute to build an ability to summarize and express the patient’s disease.


  1. Cardiovascular Surgery
    Research about atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery
    Epidemiological study about atrial fibrillation after cardiac surgery
    Clinical research about spinal cord ischemia
  2. Gastrointestinal Surgery
    Perioperative chemotherapy for pancreato-biliary cancer
    Prognostic impact of micrometastasis of paraaortic lymph nodes in pancreatic cancer
    Research about circulating cell-free in pancreatic cancer
    Evaluation of pancreatic exocrine function by (13)C-labeled mixed triglyceride breath test
    Epidemiological study about inflammatory bowel disease
  3. Pediatric Surgery
    Research about neuroblastoma
    Research about hepatoblastoma
    Research about Wilms' tumor

【Photo explanation】Stentgrafting in hybrid op room

【Photo explanation】Preoperative conference