Kampo (Japanese Traditional) Medicine

Prof. Keiko Ogawa

【Research Keyword】
Kampo medicine, four diagnosis, lymphatic malformations, trigeminal neuralgia, Artificial Intelligence, remote diagnosis, colonic diverticulum, COVID-19, radiation exposure, NAFLD, NASH, palliative care

【Recent highlights】
Department of Kampo Medicine was established at Hiroshima University in December 2022.This will be the third department of Kampo Medicine in Japan. Kampo medicine is a traditional Japanese medicine that originated from ancient Chinese medicine, but has developed through the formation of unique theories based on more than 1,500 years of clinical experience. Several clinical trials and basic researches are ongoing to evaluate the efficacy of Kampo treatment for intractable diseases such as lymphatic malformation. We also have conducted researches on Kampo diagnosis, attempting to automate the diagnosis of diseases through machine learning. We hope that the common sense of modern medicine will be rewritten by the essence and wisdom of Kampo medicine.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

Kampo medicine differs from modern medicine in its paradigm of medical logical structure. In addition, historically, there was a period after the Meiji Restoration when it was excluded from Medicine. As a result, there has been a lack of adequate medical education in Kampo medicine until 2001.
Through the education of Kampo medicine to students, our department will foster human resources who can practice both modern and traditional medicine in the future. We are conducting research on the construction of evidence of Kampo medicine that has not been clarified, new clinical applications, Kampo concepts, Kampo theories, and classics of traditional medicine.

1. Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Eppikajutsuto for lymphatic malformations
2. POC study of an ultra-high quality remote system to examine and observe patients for a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Goreisan for trigeminal neuralgia
3. Double-blind randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of Daiobotanpito for diverticulitis of the colon
4. A study of the efficacy of Hochuekkito and Kakkonto combination in preventing exacerbations for COVID-19 asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic patients 
5. Effects of Chinese herbal medicine on CT low-dose radiation exposure
6. Effect of Kampo therapy on NAFLD/NASH 
7. AI remote diagnosis
8. Examination of safety and feasibility of direct moxibustion 
9. Examination of the effect of acupressure on symptoms of pediatric cancer patients
10. Examination of the effect of contact acupuncture on fatigue in cancer patients hospitalized for palliative care
11. Research on Kampo medicine classics

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