Prof. Takao Masaki

【Research Keyword】
Chronic kidney disease (CKD), Hemodialysis, Peritoneal dialysis, Epigenetics, Senescence, Mesenchymal stem cells, Salt-sensitive hypertension

【Recent highlights】
Recently, we have demonstrated that inhibition of the H3K4 methyltransferase attenuates renal senescence, thereby ameliorating renal fibrosis. We have also clarified the therapeutic effect of hypoxia-preconditioned mesenchymal stem cells on the progression of renal fibrosis. We conduct basic research to answer clinical questions with a consequent focus on drug discovery.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

We are responsible for treating various renal diseases; including primary glomerular disease, tubulointerstitial disorders, and systemic renal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, connective tissue disease, and blood disorders. We also treat acute and chronic renal failure that often requires hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The purpose of education is to teach not only a high degree of specialization, but also general internal medicine as nephrology incorporates many factors related to other treatment departments.

1.Research on mechanisms for the suppression of renal and peritoneal fibrosis.
2.Research on the pathophysiology and treatment of salt-sensitive hypertension.
3.Research on the involvement of senescence-associated factors such as Klotho in the progression of renal and peritoneal fibrosis.
4.Research on the therapeutic effect of mesenchymal stem cells on the progression of renal fibrosis.
5.Clinical research on the mortality and morbidity of cardiovascular disease in hemodialysis patients.
6.Clinical research on the patency rate of vascular access intervention.
7.Clinical research on the risk factors associated with the incidence of chronic kidney disease.

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