Plastic Surgery

【Research Keyword】
reconstructive microsurgery, aesthetic surgery, nano-microsurgery, super microsurgery, vascular malformation, arteriovenous malformation, lymphatic malformation,  lymphedema,  lymph bypass surgery, breast reconstruction, head and neck skull base reconstruction, facial paralysis, face deformation,  incurable ulcer, limb nerve palsy, constricting nerve pain, congenital anomalies in face and limbs

【Recent highlights】
We are developing nanomicrol techniques for distribution to the world. Lymphatic transfer for severe lymphedema. It has been found that hemangiosarcoma that occurs in lymphedema can be completely cured by lymph bypass surgery, and the mechanism is being studied. For severe nerve palsy, we perform reconstructive surgery that combines vascularized nerve flap transfer, nerve fiber transfer, and muscle transfer. In order to restore the lost part in the body, we are proposing new techniques to make limbs, face, etc. by combining multiple tissues.

In addition to general surgical techniques for plastic surgery, acquisition of reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery, especially vascular anastomosis (nano microsurgery, supermicrosurgery) techniques of 0.5 mm or less, and acquisition of surgical techniques related to all tissue transplantation. We also accept many students from overseas.

1. Surgical treatment: preventive lymph bypass surgery(1995), head and neck reconstruction(ALTflap1996), breast reconstruction (DIEPflap 1996), limb reconstruction, facial / limb preventive nerve reconstruction (1991), vascular nerve flap transfer(1985), vascular lymphatic vessel transplantation (2005)
2. Analysis of factors affecting the surgical results of lymphedema, ICG fluography and lymphatic dysfunction.
3.Neurovascular  supermicro anatomy, vascular system of lymphatic vessels and nerves, de- and regeneration of smooth muscle in lymphatic vessels
4. Pathophysiology: Lymphatic smooth muscle cells in lymphedema, surgical anti-cancer immunotherapy