Community - Based Medical System

Contributing Prof. Masatoshi Matsumoto

【Research Keyword】
Rural health, health policy, distribution of medical resource, medical education

【Recent highlights】
Currently we are conducting a nationwide cohort study of “chiikiwaku” (regional quota) graduates, under the support of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Association of Japan Medical Colleges, as the representative of Japanese Council for Community-based medical education. Also we are evaluating the effect of 2018 Japan Floods, which affected Hiroshima heavily, on health and welfare service provisions.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

  Lectures for 3-6th year medical students on rural health, health policy and community-based integrated health care. Clinical clerkship based in rural hospitals for 5th year medical students. Management of “furusatowaku” (prefecture quota) system and education/support for students in the system as the prefecture-donated department.  

1. Geographic maldistribution of medical doctors
2. Rural medical education
3. Geographic distribution of dialysis patients
4. Definition of “rural”
5. Cohort study of“chiikiwaku” quota graduates
6. Selection and concentration of specialty medical care
7. Effectiveness of general practice as a part of the entire medical system in Japan
8. Effect of 2018 Japan Floods on health and welfare services