The Department's Vision and Goals

Hiroshima University Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Management Studies, admits students from diverse backgrounds, including working adults, graduates of undergraduate programs, and students from overseas.

In the Department of Management Studies, students with different professions, ages, nationalities, and experiences study a wide variety of management-related themes under the guidance of faculty members from diverse fields of specialization. One of the most outstanding features of this department is the interaction and information exchange among its diverse faculty members and students.


The Department of Management Studies is where theories and practices interact.

Here, students with rich work experience outside of university and researchers with abundant knowledge of the latest theories interact each other. Students are expected to bring their knowledge acquired in the workplace to lectures and seminars, and combine them with the latest findings of each academic discipline. International students can deepen their understanding about business through discussions with professors and other students with work experience. Our graduate program is a creative space where students of various backgrounds contribute to researchers engaged in developing new theories.

Forum in which theory and practice engage