Asia Management Program

Developing human resources who can lead the practice and research of Japanese-style management in Asia

Figure of AMP Overview

AMP’s vision and human resource training goals

The Asia Management Program (AMP) provides human resource training specifically designed for management in Asia. The program aims to develop human resources who have knowledge and skills of Japanese-style management and are able to practice it as senior managers at Japanese-affiliated companies in China, Southeast Asia, India, and other Asian countries. The program also seeks to foster researchers specializing in the field of Asian management.

AMP features

Interdisciplinary faculty members specializing in diverse fields, particularly business administration and accounting, teach cutting-edge theories and know-how in relevant areas of specialization. Also, courses are offered concerning Asian countries’ cultures as well as their business and management characteristics. In addition to internships, AMP also provides Asian students with opportunities to have exchanges with Japanese graduate students (working adults) so that they can better understand Japanese business culture.

Support for international students

(Scholarships) Hiroshima University receives offers of private scholarship programs from over 30 foundations each year. In addition, the Department of Management Studies has its own scholarship system in place.