Management Program

Organization and management category

In this category, courses are provided to help students obtain abilities to analyze and solve problems facing various organizations, regardless of whether they are profit or non-profit, through multiple approaches. Faculty members from diverse areas of specialization engage in research and education on increasingly complicated challenges relating to organization and management.

Accounting and management information category

In this category, courses are provided to help students obtain accounting knowledge and sensibility necessary for identifying and presenting organizations’ behavior and its outcomes as accounting information and controlling relevant organizations. Also, research and education are conducted with regard to the information systems that support organizational changes as well as changes in human relations and organizational behavior that will be brought about by communicating information.

Regional policy and negotiation category

In this category, research and education are conducted concerning international and regional relations and cooperation, autonomous and sustainable development of local communities, management and promotion of local communities, cultures that support the livelihood of residents in various local communities, as well as intercultural communication in daily life and business situations.

Features of Management Program

The Management Program offers a wide variety of courses relating to management, particularly business administration. Courses also concern marketing, accounting, informatics, psychology, regional policies, and intercultural negotiation. Students are free to choose and attend any courses that suit their research themes.