Neurochemistry and Environmental Health Sciences

Prof. Yaichiro Kotake

【Research Keyword】
Environmental chemicals, Neurotoxicity, Parkinson’s Disease, Toxicological assessment, humanized liver mice, Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, Aldehyde oxidase

【Recent highlights】
There are approximately 25 of undergraduate and graduate students in our laboratory. Laboratory seminars held once a week are expected to improve their ability of presentation, discussion and reading English. The opportunities to attend the domestic or international scientific meetings lead to encourage students in their research. When our research is completed, we try to submit papers to international journals. In fiscal 2015, four papers written by our graduate students as first authors were accepted or published. Moreover, two students got awards from the scientific meetings. The current places of employment after graduation (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of 6-yr Academic Program, Master Course of Graduate School) are pharmacist, researcher (drug metabolism or safety) in pharmaceutical company, and public employment.

Profiles of Faculty and Research Scholars

 Various chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, personal care products, food additives, industrial materials, and agrichemicals are necessary for our daily life. However, the safety of chemicals for humans is not completely confirmed. Environmental pollutants have toxicological effects on not only humans but also wildlife. The aims of “Xenobiotic Metabolism and Molecular Toxicology” are to study the mechanism regarding the effects of chemicals on various organs after absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. Our research should contribute to the risk assessment of chemicals by studying disposition and its related toxicity of environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals from the viewpoints of “Pharmaceutical Health Sciences” and “Drug Discovery and Development”.

 Effects of environmental chemicals on neurotoxicity, Mechanism of Parkinson’s Disease, In vitro toxicological assessment of chemicals, Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in humanized liver mice, Drug metabolism by aldehyde oxidase

【Photo explanation】 Graduation presentation at our laboratory

【Photo explanation】 Graduation party