Stronger strategic leadership of the President

It is the responsibility of the University executives, particularly the President, to bring together and improve the strength of all faculty and schools to improve the University’s educational and research capability as a whole to foster individuals who can participate actively in the international society in response to the growing globalization of human society, and to make timely decisions on the general administration of the University and to move into action. The President must exert stronger strategic leadership to make decisions at the Executive Board on personnel affairs and the optimum allocation of faculty, the distribution of expenses within the University, and other matters. To determine how to allocate the University’s resources in an optimal manner, we have introduced the individual faculty evaluation system by which performance of each faculty, graduate school, and the entire university is evaluated based on thorough institutional research (IR). At the same time, to respond to the advancing globalization, the University, through the Office of Global Initiatives, collects and analyzes information concerning internationalization in an integrated manner, promotes participation of overseas experts in the Administrative Council, builds bilingual education and research support systems throughout the University, and undertakes the internationalization of the University’s management. Amid growing changes in the social environment and to respond to such changes in the environment in a flexible manner and to undertake necessary measures step-by-step, we have divided the faculty organizations and the educational and research organizations to improve our educational and research capabilities.

Our “Top Global University Project” plan explains specific indexes for step-by-step achievement of the aforementioned goals. Hiroshima University will be able to become a university that can fly high in the global society within 10 years by working toward its goals based on this plan.

Mitsuo Ochi
Hiroshima University