Introduction of the Quarter System

The Quarter System will enable the University to establish an educational system that is highly common, and to actively participate in exchanges with universities around the world.

What is the “Quarter System”?

The University had been offering courses under the semester system (“first" and "second" semester) until FY2014. However, beginning in FY2015, each semester is divided into two Terms (from “the First Term to the Fourth Term”), and courses are offered for each Term.

Under the Quarter System (a 4-term system), new “Term Subjects” are added to the existing “Semester Subjects” and courses are offered primarily for the Term Subjects.

Semester Subjects

Course subjects are offered once a week during the first or the second semester, which are completed in 16 weeks.

Term Subjects

Course subjects are offered twice a week during each Term, which are completed in 8 weeks.

Why are we introducing the “Quarter System”?

  • To improve the educational benefits by allowing students to take courses intensively for a shorter period of time;
    As a lecture for one subject will be held for 2 course-hours (either consecutively or a combination of Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, etc.), the number of fields of study students have to learn in a week during each Term will be reduced by half. Therefore, the educational benefit will increase by learning in an intensive manner.
  • To promote students’ independent learning experiences, such as studying abroad and participating in volunteer activities.
    By making proper arrangements or being creative with the selection of courses for each Term, students may use a Term as a period of time that they can use on their own initiative, perhaps to study abroad, participate in volunteer activities, or pursue other creative endeavors. (For example, a student may complete all required credits in the first three Terms and study abroad during the Fourth Term.)


Q.1 How often will classes meet in the “Quarter System” (the 4-term system)?
A. Instead of meeting once per week (as is done in the semester system), classes will meet twice per week. Term courses will finish in 8 weeks, including the final examination.

Q.2 On which days of the week will classes meet?
A. Classes will meet either on the two pairs of days such as Tuesday and Friday, or meet for two consecutive class periods in one day.

Q.3 Will there still be semester courses?
A. Even with the official introduction of the system in 2016, some courses will be offered on a semester basis. The reason for this is that some courses are better conducted in a semester system.

Q.4 How long is each class period?
A. Each class will last 90 minutes, just like in the present system.

Q.5 When are final exams?
A. Final exams will be given in the 16th class of each course. Please check the MOMIJI Exam Information Site concerning the exam schedule, or ask the teacher of the course.

Q.6 Do times for tuition payments change in the new system?
A. Tuition payment periods will remain the same. Students will pay tuition per half year as before.

Please see “Momiji Top” or “My Momiji” for details concerning the “Quarter System (a 4-Term system), as needed.
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