Message from the Dean

Naoto Chatani

Dean, The Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

  Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering was established in April 2020 as part of a reform with the goal of making Hiroshima University a globally recognized educational and research hub, as described in the "Science Guiding Sustainable Development” mission statement of the University. The Graduate School, which houses the science and engineering fields of Hiroshima University, aims to cultivate creative talent in the fields of science and engineering that will result in contributing to the future development of Japan as a leading nation in science and technology. The ultimate goal is to foster advanced specialization and a deep understanding across diverse disciplines. Its innovative initiatives have garnered attention and expectations not only from the local community in Hiroshima but also from around the world. 

  This Graduate School consists of an Advanced Science and Engineering Major, which reorganized and integrated 17 specialties from five existing graduate schools in the fields of natural and applied sciences, along with various programs aimed at nurturing specialized expertise and fostering connections with industry, such as the Smart Innovation Program. These programs include four programs in the natural sciences, seven programs in engineering, as well as interdisciplinary and integrated programs, comprising a total of 15 individual degree programs. The offering of 15 programs within one major reduces barriers between specialized fields, therefore enabling students to learn extensively while facilitating collaboration among various researchers. Additionally, the International Collaboration Major (Hiroshima University-Leipzig University International Joint Sustainability Science Major) allows students to be selected from a diverse pool of a wide variety of international applicants, thus allowing students to study in both Japan and Austria. 

  Students at this Graduate School will not only be able to acquire deep in-depth expertise related to their degree programs but also to acquire a broad range of knowledge, thus allowing flexible thinking, international perspectives, and rich, in-depth experience through interdisciplinary and extensively integrated educational programs. With such distinctive programs encompassing diverse fields, we are confident that it will be possible to nurture creative talent in science and engineering and that it will be possible to overcome the complexities of future global societies such as Society 5.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is crucial for both students and faculty members to actively embrace challenges and develop into resourceful individuals with international acumen. As we strive to create an atmosphere in which the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering will be able to truly live up to its name as an "advanced" institution in the global science and engineering landscape, we humbly request your support and cooperation as we move forward together in this endeavor.