Affiliated Institutions

Center for Dental Education

(Director) Prof. Hitoshi Komatsuzawa

The center was established to play a comprehensive role for dental education. 
Its aim is to consolidate various opinions given by academic staff, students and residents and to feedback the collected data to appropriate department so that PDCA cycle based on a system of evaluation specific to dentistry can work effectively.

Career Support Center

(Director) Prof. Noriyoshi Mizuno

Our aim is to offer career support for undergraduates and graduates including dental students, graduate students, clinical trainees and residents at School of Dentistry Hiroshima University that academic staff each responsible for employment, post-graduate education and international affairs provide them necessary information and appropriate advice on their future career paths.

Center for Dental Hygienists’ Education and Training

(Director) Prof. Toshinobu Takemoto

The center is affiliated to the School of Dentistry at Hiroshima University. Its aim is to improve the clinical ability of dental hygienists, to support their return to work (e.g. after pregnancy) and to promote job retention.