Introduction of School

Education overview

  1. Development of dental professionals with advanced medical skills, academic knowledge and a rich sense of humanity
  2. Training of educators and researchers in the field of dentistry to be active internationally
  3. Contribution to medical care in the local community and the field of dental medicine

Admission Policy

We seek students who possess a rich sense of humanity to a level adequate as potential dental professionals. Students are also required to have an inquiring mind about science and technology, which is necessary for them to become an erudite scholar, attaining various clinical skills, finding a solution by integrating extensive knowledge, and preparing to play a leading role in a global dental community.

Oral professionals and “life scientists” who have a profound understanding of the human body

Following the recent advances in dental medicine that dental diseases have made a great impact on general health conditions, School of Dentistry focuses on developing the personnel who can conduct patient-centered comprehensive dental treatment through a care team organized by various health professionals, instead of conventional methods (drill and fill). Program of Dentistry aims to cultivate dental practitioners while Program of Oral Health Sciences aims to cultivate dental hygienists and dental technicians. Both programs provide students necessary education to become educators or researchers.
Students are given the opportunity to learn beyond the frames of programs or departments through offering undergraduate courses for all dental professions: dental practitioners, dental hygienists and dental technicians. Furthermore, dental students study together in common lectures and clinical practices with medical and pharmaceutical students, introducing a shared understanding of a team-based care to be engaged in the future.

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