What Can Be Learned at Course for Oral Science?

The Course for Oral Science is a four-year training institution for dental hygienists. It also offers the program to acquire the license for 1st class Yogo teachers (school nurses). After receiving the basic education required of medical practitioners, students are able to obtain highly specialized knowledge and skills through interprofessional education and joint lectures. From the latter half of their 3rd year, they have clinical and practical trainings at Hiroshima University Hospital or other training facilities. After graduation, they are given various career opportunities; working at hospitals or clinics in Japan, teachers, school nurses (Yogo teachers) or researchers in oral health. Some of the graduates play active roles at the companies or administrative organizations.

Clinical practice

Seminar of nourishment guidance

Available qualifications and licenses

  • Qualification of taking the National Examination for Dental Hygienists
  • 1st class Yogo teacher