Course for Oral Science

Training institution for dental hygienists, with the opportunity to acquire the license for Yogo teachers (school nurses)

The Course for Oral Science that is a four-year training institution for dental hygienists also offers the program to acquire the license for Yogo teachers (school nurses). Through lectures and practices, students are able to obtain highly specialized knowledge and skills in medical care, welfare, education, nursing, and general health management. After graduation, they will play a leading role as educators or researchers in oral health, and medical professionals capable of providing a team medical care in community-based hospitals, facilities or clinics. Moreover, those who acquire 1st class license for Yogo teachers are given various career opportunities such as teachers promoting school oral hygiene to protect child health and administrators engaged in regional public health. The course aims at “providing health and wellness to all people at every stage of their life”.

Available qualifications and licenses

  • Qualification of taking the National Examination for Dental Hygienists
  • 1st class Yogo teacher