What Can Be Learned at Program of Dentistry?

Students go on to 2 specialized courses from the latter half of 3rd year after learning a general education curriculum at 1st year

At Program of Dentistry, students take specialized core subjects from 2nd year, and learn specialized subjects until the former half of 5th year. At the latter half of 3rd year, students take specialized core subjects and subjects offered by each course after their selection; Frontier Dental Science or Clinical Dental Science.

 In the Program of Dentistry, students are able to join one of the two different tracks during 6 to 9 semesters: Course for Frontier Dental Science or Course for Clinical Dental Science. These courses provide significant opportunities for students to conduct basic scientific research or experience advanced therapeutic methodologies. This is a quite unique system offered exclusively by our dental school among Japanese cognate institutions.
 Joining either course, students are deeply involved in research or training with regard to a dentistry-related specific subject, especially developing their abilities of performing scientific research, thinking logically, treating patients with advanced dental procedures, and presenting their ideas and achievements.
 We believe for sure that these processes serve to enhance their competency to become clinical practitioners, academic scholars, and policy makers in the field of oral health. Through such diverse experiences, students are also expected to find the importance of interplay between basic science and clinical problems, cultivating their capabilities of exploiting new disciplines in the future.

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Course for Clinical Dental Science


Fostering clinical leaders in oral treatment equipped with theories and hands-on realities in cutting-edge dentistry

Course for Frontier Dental Science


Cultivating global educators and researchers in dental medicine