What Can Be Learned at Program of Oral Health Sciences?

Students learn general education subjects and specialized basic subjects at their first year. Oral Science students take specialized subjects at the first half of 1st year, while Oral Engineering students do at the latter half of 1st year. They conduct clinical practice and graduation research from the latter half of 3rd year and pursue to be oral health science specialists at their 4th year.

At Program of Oral Health Science, students in Course for Oral Science are required to take not only subjects necessary for a national examination for dental hygienists but subjects for a national examination for Yogo teachers (school nurse).  Students in Course for Oral Engineering can learn techniques for CAD/CAM and tissue cultures to acquire advanced techniques besides subjects necessary for a national examination for dental technicians. Moreover, rehabilitation make-up is available as an optional practice for both Oral Science and Oral Engineering students.

Please see below for course details

Course for Oral Science


Training institution for dental hygienists, with the opportunity to acquire the license for Yogo teachers (school nurses)

Course for Oral Engineering


Fostering dental technicians with a broad range of knowledge extended from engineering to biology