Course for Oral Engineering

Fostering dental technicians with a broad range of knowledge extended from engineering to biology

The Course for Oral Engineering is the institution with a 4-year academic program to cultivate dental technicians. We offer students the opportunity to not only acquire the license for dental technicians, but also gain extensive knowledge and skills from engineering to biology such as nanotechnology, biomechanics, system engineering, cell culture practices, and sports dentistry. Moreover, to make the most of the learned expertise in various medical fields, we provide students intensive practical trainings including a facial therapist nurturing program conducted by Reiko Kazki and a cell culture program supported by The Japanese Tissue Culture Association which are unique in Japan. The Course continues to foster medical minded researchers and research minded experts, aiming to be the “No. 1” from “Only 1”.

Available qualifications and licenses

  • Qualification of taking the National Examination for Dental Technicians
  • Facial therapists
  • Degree in cell culture engineering certified by the Japanese Tissue Culture Association