What Can Be Learned at Course for Oral Engineering?

The Course for Oral Engineering is a 4-year training institution to cultivate dental technicians. It offers students a wide range of educational programs including advanced skills such as biology and technology. Moreover, they are given the opportunity to conduct practical trainings that are very unique in Japan; the facial therapist nurturing program conducted by Reiko Kazki and the cell and tissue culture program supported by The Japanese Tissue Culture Association. The Course focuses on fostering researchers who have a medical mind and dental professionals who have a scientific mind, aiming to be the “No. 1” from “Only 1”.

Clinical practice

Dental manikin and artificial body manufactured by 3D printer

Available qualifications and licenses

  • Qualification of taking the National Examination for Dental Technicians
  • Facial therapists
  • Degree in cell culture engineering certified by the Japanese Tissue Culture Association