International Internship

- Short Stay and Short Visit Program with Taiwan -

Applicants; Undergraduate student

This program aims for the awareness of the necessity of internationalization by the students. In order to promote motivation of active participation in various internationalization programs, Hiroshima University and National Central University of Taiwan will send students for about two weeks to each other’s university, targeting four year’s students of the School of engineering. This program provides the students the opportunity to study together in another country’s education, research, design and manufacturing setting in a different culture and environment.

- ECBO Program -

Applicants; Master course graduate student

This program aims for educating next generation engineers that carry 21st technology with high morale as an engineer. Students with an engineering background having an interest in the problems that Asia is dealing with and in advanced precedents will be sent to companies, manufacturing plants, offices and international institutions across Asia. By participating in this program, an opportunity will be given to grow into a global engineer who can be active across borders, in other words; Engineers to Cross Borders (ECBO).

- Joint Research Program -

Applicants; Master and Doctor course graduate student

In this program students will be sent abroad to universities that have an International Exchange Agreements with Hiroshima University in order to promote internationalization of education and research, and to foster outstanding students having an international feel. By participating in International Joint Research an opportunity will be given not only to see one’s theme in an international environment from a wider and higher viewpoint, but also to deepen one’s confidence and learn about research methods in a global environment by conducting collaborative research with the partner institution.